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    This is how much money you save per liter by buying raw ingredients and using the
    Milky Plant to make fresh, plant-based milk at home instead of buying from a store.

    end-of-life recycling program

    At Milky Plant, we are committed to creating new ways to design, produce and innovate. Our products will no longer be seen as waste at their end of life, but rather as sources of valuable resources for new products. We offer a end-of-life recycling program for all of our customers. If you're ready to part ways with your Milky Plant machine, we will receive it, reuse and upcycle all of Milky Plant parts.

    Designed with love in the U.K.
    Designed with love
    in the U.K.
    Ethical manufacturing

    Answer a few questions and let us help you identify which plant-based milk is best for you based on your taste and preferences.

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