5 Reasons Why I spent 2 years creating Milky Plant 🎉

From sleepless nights to over 73 prototypes, it took 2 years to create the Milky Plant machine to be the best plant milk maker. Here's why we did it:

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1. I was diagnosed with Hypercholestoramia

I needed to make lifestyle changes to manage my condition. My doctor recommended this because store-bought plant milk, containing seed oils, emulsifiers, and additives, has had a negative impact on my health over the past 6+ years.

A hand pouring almonds into a milky plant machine against a blue background.

2. Customisation

There are few options when it comes to plant milks on the shelf, and I wanted to mix different combinations like strawberry, cocoa powder, and almonds. With the Milky Plant, I can make any nut, grain, or seed milk I desire.




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3. The Ultimate Money Saver

Have you noticed how quickly the price of store-bought plant milks is skyrocketing? Making plant milk this way saves up to 80% compared to what I would pay in stores. Last year alone, I saved over £460 by using my Milky Plant to make it at home.

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4. We Are Truly Changing The World

During the pandemic, we were generating a significant amount of Tetra Pak waste, prompting me to delve deep into research. I was shocked to discover that every year, over 200 billion Tetra Paks are produced, with only about 30% of them being recycled; the rest end up in landfills or oceans. One Milky Plant alone prevents over 200 Tetra Paks per household per year from contributing to landfill or ocean waste.

Pouring almonds into a blender.

5. Automation at it's finest

All other methods for making plant milk at home typically require significant manual effort, often taking 20+ minutes. With the Milky Plant, however, it takes less than 3 minutes thanks to our patented technology, which handles all the straining and cleaning at the push of a button.

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