Which plant milks have the highest protein value?

Plant-based milks have gained popularity as a nutritious and eco-friendly choice, offering versatility and control over ingredients, flavours, and nutritional content. In this blog post, we'll explore the protein-rich champions among plant-based milks and the exceptional benefits they bring to the table.

  • Soy Milk made with Milky Plant: The Protein Powerhouse

Freshly made soy milk claims the throne as the ultimate protein powerhouse in the plant-based milk realm. Derived from nutrient-dense soybeans, it packs 7-8 grams of protein per 1 cup (240 ml). Notably, soy milk qualifies as a complete protein source, meeting all essential amino acid needs. Its creamy texture and lactose-free nature make it a versatile and nutritious alternative.

  • Benefits of Freshly Made Soy Milk:
  1. Complete Protein Source: Soy milk rivals animal-based sources in complete protein content.
  1. Heart-Healthy Marvel: Soy protein may contribute to heart health by lowering LDL cholesterol levels.
  1. A Nutrient-Rich Elixir: Fortified with calcium, vitamin D, and vitamin B12, soy milk packs extra nutritional punch.


  •  Pea Milk made with Milky Plant: A Rising Star in Protein Content

Freshly made pea milk emerges as a promising star in the protein-rich galaxy. Derived from yellow peas, this innovative milk alternative provides an impressive 8 grams of protein per 1 cup. Boasting a complete amino acid profile, it's an exceptional choice for soy or nut allergy sufferers.

  • Benefits of Freshly Made Pea Milk:
  1. High Protein Profile: Pea milk rivals soy milk in protein content, supporting muscle repair and growth.
  1. Gentle on Digestion: Easily digestible pea protein is favourable for sensitive stomachs.
  1. Kind to the Planet: Low carbon footprint and minimal water usage make pea milk eco-friendly. 

In conclusion, freshly made soy milk and pea milk stand out as exceptional choices for protein-rich plant-based milks. Soy milk, the protein powerhouse, provides essential amino acids and fortified nutrients, supporting heart health and hormonal balance. Pea milk, the rising star, offers a complete amino acid profile and allergen-friendly benefits, making it a delicious, creamy, and eco-conscious option for all. Embrace the goodness of these nutritious milk alternatives for a wholesome and satisfying lifestyle.

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